the efficacy of traditional herbal medicine

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    Who would have thought that a wide variety of herbs and spices can be processed into traditional drink nutritious? Powder, turmeric, ginger, tamarind and other spices are the ingredients used in herbal medicine. Some types of herbs that you will encounter in a sling artisan traditional herbal medicine has a variety of different benefits, namely:

    Saffron-colored rice
    This herbal medicine is made from rice and kencur. Essential oils in kencur has efficacy as an analgesic, thereby helping to reduce pain or pain and efficacious overcome tiredness and soreness. Additionally, herb rice kencur also help increase energy, increase appetite, cleanse the skin of acne, as well as lose weight.
    Turmeric Acid
    Is one of the most popular types of herbal medicine, herbs turmeric tamarind made of turmeric and tamarind. The efficacy of these herbs in them are lowered blood pressure, menstrual pain in women, and overcome constipation.
    Cabe lempuyang
    Herbal medicine made from lempuyang lempuyang chili and chili Java. This herbal drink can get a variety of properties such as overcoming tired and stiff, prevent colds, increase energy, reduce flatulence, etc.
    Of all kinds of traditional herbal medicine, herbal medicine is herbal flavor paitan most difficult to enjoy. Understandably, paitan made of bitter and bitter Tinospora cordifolia. But the efficacy of such relieve pain, eliminate swelling, anti-inflammatory, and cope with arthritis make a lot of people keep drinking herbal paitan.
    Sugar Ginger
    Artisan herbal sling usually always have a bottle of ginger sugar that serves to add sweetness to other types of herbal medicine. But the content of ginger on the type of herb also has properties, ie treating coughs and maintain stamina.

    5 kinds of herbs above are the most common herbs found in the arms of artisan traditional herbal medicine. Several types of herbs such as turmeric, tamarind rice kencur and even can be found in its modern form, the instant herbal powder form is easily prepared. But if you already have a subscription artisan herbal sling, may be you will find that the instant herbal taste is not delicious as traditional herbal medicine.

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