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    T-Shirt For Media Campaign
    There are at least three reasons why many people choose T-shirts as promotional media. First, because the T-shirts bersablon may contain communication messages. Second, the shirt may be a communication medium run so as to capture more targeted communication. Third, the price of a T-shirt is relatively low compared to the benefits that can be obtained.

    – T-shirts for participants and organizers Costume Outing / Outbound
    T-shirt you can make costumes for the participants or organizers informal occasions such as family gatherings, outbound / outing, and other corporate events which are informal.

    – T-Shirt for Merchandise Event
    Because of its popularity, T-shirts can also be your mainstay products to profit from the sale of merchandise or a T-shirt as a memento of an event. For example: music concerts, community gatherings, etc.

    – T-Shirt As Community Identity
    T-shirts are also very widely used as a community identity. Community football club, automobile club community, etc.

    Penjual Kaos Jakarta
    Grosir Kaos Polos Jogja

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