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    Speaking about the printer, the printer would have mentioned the cashier as well. There are various categories of printers on the market. The type of printer is a printer cashier dot matrix, thermal, and mobile. The printer is widely used in stores and shopping malls. No need to use a hand-written memorandum but can be printed quickly using the printer for cashier. You can easily obtain the printer in the printer store.
    First we will discuss about the cashier who dot matrix printer. The type has advantages can print on plain paper copies or paper called CNR. While the drawbacks is the process of printing using this printer raises a louder voice. The price of dot matrix printers is also cheaper when compared with thermal types.
    The other type of cash register printer is a thermal printer. The printer uses thermal heating technology on paper or direct thermal printing paper or character. The paper used for this type of special thermal paper is called the thermal paper. When printing paper will be heated by a thermal head printer so that it will start printing text and characters on the receipt. The advantages of this type of printer is printing process go faster and do not cause noise. The drawback is the thermal printer is not able to print copies of the memorandum.
    Other types of printers are mobile cash register printer. The name implies, this printer is a printer cashier aimed for use in mobile. This printer is a form of mini printer in order to carry. The shape is smaller than a standard printer for cashier. Mobile printers today began widely used especially like the merchants who are mobile as sales distributors, traders who use a car or other vehicle. Using mobile printers can make more easy to print receipts for their customers.

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    okay thanks for your informations guys.

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    Rajaprinter memiliki persediaan lengkap peralatan kantor yang disewakan, seperti mesin fotocopy, Scanner dan mesin fax serta penyewaan printer baik itu printer warna maupun hitam putih. Penawaran kami dapat menyediakan Anda dengan peralatan printer dan mesin fotocopy terbaik untuk membantu kinerja karyawan menjadi efisien dalam membuat, menggandakan, memindai, dan mengirim salinan materi bisnis Anda.

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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