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    LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. While the LED itself is a semiconductor that can transform electrical energy into light when an electric current is passed tool. So basically the LED will be glowing if there is an electric current passing through
    advantages and benefits of using LED lights
    1. The LED lights are more energy efficient
    Excess first LED lights are more energy-efficient lamps. If you previously created a headache due electricity bills swell, now try using LED-type lights. Therefore, this lamp has a power consumption is very small so it can reduce your electricity usage each month.
    If your electricity use is reduced, is not that an advantage for you? Yes friends, you become more frugal again. With the cost of electricity is getting lighter, can automatically reduce your spending.
    It makes saving LED lamp is its size Watt increasingly smaller. Currently, LED lamps are available in sizes up to 3 watts. Wow, very small, right? So do not be surprised if the LED light is said to be able to save electrical energy consumption by 90 percent.
    2. Durability old
    For those of you who do not like mutually lights in your house, then the LED lamp is the solution. These lights are durable enough so you did not have to frequently replace your bulbs often die.
    Compared to regular incandescent bulbs, LED lights is much more durable. If the average incandescent bulb only lasts 1000 hours of use, the LED lights can last up to 50,000 hours or if used 10 hours per day means it can last up to 15 to 20 years.
    Apparently, awetnya LED lights also affect your pocket. Imagine if you are using ordinary light that every year must replace it. Kan also a lot of money you have to spend as long as 15 years. But if you use LEDs, at most, only replace it once in 15 years.
    3. LED lights do not heat
    One more advantage of LED lights is the light that it generates no heat. That means that the LED will not make room in your house becomes hotter again. The difference with incandescent / fluorescent usual, the light is relatively hot.
    4. LED lights do not contain Ultra Violet
    For those of you who are concerned with health, already vicious cycle for you to replace regular bulbs in your home with LED lights. Why? Because the LED light does not contain UV (Ultra violet) that can damage the eyes and skin.
    Sure, the damage caused by UV rays can not be felt in a short time. But if UV exposure about you every day, would gradually effect was certainly felt. So, replace the lights in your home that emits UV light with the latest LED lights.

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