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    the steps below to learn to play the harmonica:
    1. Select a harmonica. There are many types of harmonicas that are sold, the price and usefulness vary. For now, buy diatonic or chromatic harmonica. Both types can be used to play most popular music, such as blues or folk.
    2. Learn your harmonica. A harmonica reed musical instrument that uses brass reed (brass from copper). Reed is what separates the air you blow or pull through the hole to create a tone. Reed planted on a plate, called a “reed plates”, which are also usually made of brass. Part harmonica reed plant a so-called “comb”, and are usually made of plastic or metal. The “mouthpiece” of the harmonica can be integrated with the comb, or in a separate chromatic harmonica. The “cover plates” to cover other parts, and could be made of wood, metal, or plastic.
    3. Learning to read tablature harmonica, like the guitar, harmonica can be played by following the tabulation, simplifying notation into a system that is simple, contains patterns and suction blow. Tabulation is also useful for large chromatic harmonica, but different from the tabulation diatonic, and more rarely.

    You can find out more about the musical instruments one by visiting the link below :
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    Read tips that you share in this forum, I have an opinion that you are very professional in playing harmonica

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