Advantages of Owning a house in Bintaro

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    When deciding to buy a home is certainly a lot of things to consider. To obtain the desired dream house all factors must dipetimbangkan. Call it a mini cluster housing Belle Fille Townhouse, any advantages gained by having a home in Bintaro Jakarta? Here are some of the advantages that can be felt after doing some survey of the region, conditions and facilities provided.

    – Mini cluster means the number of homes available is limited, so conditioned as elite housing with more privacy awake compared with housing in general. Belle Fille Townhouse itself only has 9 housing units for sale.
    – The location is located in the city center exactly Jl. Japos Raya No. 9 Pondok Jati Utara, Jurangmangu Barat, Pondok Aren, Bintaro,
    South Tangerang Jakarta. The location is fairly strategic, because it is easily accessible and close to various public facilities that are needed such as schools, hospitals, houses (restaurants), shopping (mall), places of worship and public transport facilities are complete.
    – Housing itself is equipped with a Single Gate Entry and CCTV Cluster which makes security more awake, then Green Space Area as a children’s playground and exercise, as well as free Internet which makes us increasingly profitable. The most fun is the bonus air conditioning in each room will make us feel at home and comfortable living there.
    – It provides the SHM (Certificate Hak Milik) with house prices are quite affordable.
    – The design of the houses built on the basis of modern minimalist concept, making the house look more elegant, and a touch of modern architects make houses more unsightly.
    – Can be used as a valuable property assets, with strategic location and comprehensive facilities, the investment value will be higher.
    – How to purchase and payment is very easy and straightforward.

    One last thing that is an advantage for you to buy a house in Bintaro Jakarta are flood-free area. As we know that the city of Jakarta is often flooded, so you can rest without having to think about it. If interested, please contact us immediately. Thank you, hopefully helpful information.

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    If you plan to own a house, also plan for getting the right furniture to use or one that perfectly match for your interior design. Check some unique furniture at, a great place to get furniture for every house you need.



    Make sure that you see the safety and security of the house, the exterior should be in reliable type of materials as well as the window and door. If renovated, try to get the answer how and why it was renovated, you can never be sure that something had might deeper concern when you found out later.

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